Oklahoma’s Roofing Licensing Requirements: 2011 Roofing Contractor Registration Act

In 2010, the hail storm of the century hit Oklahoma City. Within 48 hours, the invasion of “roofers” in Oklahoma increased the state’s population by the hundreds if not thousands. License plates literally arrived from all over the nation.

The obvious problem is when out-of-state companies show up, with absolutely no connection to the state, they disappear as soon as the roofs go away. Consequently, when your roof starts leaking during the next rain storm, there is no one around to help. You now have to pay an Oklahoma company to fix the problem and that so called “warranty” you were told about is unenforceable because your roofing company is several states away.

There is a clear distinction to be made between an out of state company with no connection to the state and a local company who brings in out-of-state salesmen to help with the increased workload. The latter is not a problem. As long as the company your are dealing with has an existing local office, someone will be there to help you if a problem arises, even if the salesman may have gone back to his/her home state.

In 2011, Oklahoma’s lawmakers attempted to address the problem of “fly by night” roofers by passing The Roofing Contractor Registration Act. This Act was signed into law in June 2010 (within 60 days of the storm and the invasion of out-of-state companies) and it requires roofing companies in Oklahoma to register with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board to get a roofing license.

More importantly, a company seeking a license has to provide (1) Proof of liability insurance, and (2) Proof of workers’ compensation insurance. The company will then be issued a Construction Industries Board number (CIB #) and this number should be displayed prominently on the company’s signage to show they are licensed.

Eisel Roofing & Construction’s Oklahoma Roofing CIB # is 833.

The next time you are dealing with a roofer at your door, take a few minutes to protect yourself.

Look at the license plate of the truck out on the curb. Be sure to look carefully because they will buy local license plate covers to surround the edges of the plate and cover the state. Typically, you will see local colleges or sports teams used. Again, local credible companies may legitimately have out of state workers in town but this will give you a start as to whether you may have an immediate issue.

Ask the sales person directly where their office is located, how long it has been there, and then look up the address on the internet. You will be surprised how many do not have an actual physical office and just a post office box mailing address. Eisel Roofing’s physical address in 229 North Broadway in downtown Edmond, Oklahoma.

Do research on the internet. Is the company registered with the Better Business Bureau of Oklahoma City? Does the Construction Industries Board website show they are in good standing in Oklahoma and have a license? Do they have a website where you can see references or past work? Eisel Roofing’s website is

In less than an hour and with a few phone calls and an Internet research, you can determine if the company on your doorstep is credible and licensed in Oklahoma. Otherwise, they will likely disappear like the storm clouds they are chasing once they have your check! Protect yourself and you will be happy you did.