Gutter Clean Out

We get a lot of calls to do leak repairs for homeowners. A common call comes when people see water damage on the exterior wood surrounding the perimeter of their house. (Technically called the “soffit”.) The homeowner naturally thinks its coming from the roof but, the cause is more often the gutters.

If you do not regularly clean out your gutters they will get clogged up with leaves, dirt, or anything else blowing in the wind. Throw in tennis balls (perfect size to block a downspout), Frisbees, pet toys, and an endless variety of objects kids throw and the downspouts get blocked. Once the water is blocked from going out the downspout, the gutters will start to fill up during a rain. The water will then spill over the front and backside of the gutter. That water will find its way into the soffit and you will eventually start seeing water damage.

ANSWER – Hire a gutter company to clean your gutter once a year or do it yourself. Late fall after all the leaves have fallen would be a great time. We also highly suggest making certain your gutters are properly leveled and leaf screens are installed on areas where there are a lot trees around the roof. (You do not have to do every gutter.)