Don’t File a Claim and Then Inspect!

Hailstorms in Oklahoma seem to come on an annual basis. Unfortunately, that means some homeowners have been hit by hail several years in a row. Yet, it is important to recognize that being hit by hail does not mean you should immediately call in a claim to your insurance company.

The first thing you should do after a storm is call a reputable local roofing company. Get on-line and look them up! Oklahoma Roofing Companies have to have a CIB (Construction Industries Board) state license.

Look at Angie’s List and their BBB rating and reviews. Ask your co-workers for a trusted referral. There are a lot of wolves in sheep clothing waiting to prey on unsuspecting homeowners. Have a trained company climb your roof and give you an honest evaluation. Often a hailstorm is simply ice hitting your roof. No damage, go on with your day.

Other times, there may be a few shingles that are damaged but those can be easily removed and replaced at a low cost. If it is widespread damage, a good roofer will advise you of the same and you may want to call in a claim.

SUMMARY – Do not call your insurance after every storm! Adding up claims on your record could be dangerous to your insurance health. Get your roof checked out first by someone who will give an honest opinion and it could save you a lot of headaches in the future.